The Presbytery of East Tennessee


Presbytery’s Coordinating Committee for Vision and Mission will facilitate the sharing of ideas and programs among the four mission teams, assure that the mission teams and other entities of the Presbytery work in harmony with the vision statement, and offer creativity for the continuing process of visioning new possibilities for the Presbytery. 

Members of Presbytery’s Coordinating Committee for Vision and Mission:    


Members of the Coordinating Council for 2013:

Jonathan Warren , Support Mission Team rep.

Jack Danner , Equip Mission Team rep.

Michael Stanfield , PET Moderator

Caroline Best , Serve Mission Team rep.

Alan Payne , PET Past Moderator/Moderator of the Coordinating Committee

Leo Knight , Connect Mission Team rep.

Phyllis Driver , Committee on Nominations rep.

Diane Stocker, Committee on Ministry rep.

Ann Owens Brunger , Administrative Team rep.


Special Links:

Michael Stanfield's presentation at the Feb. 9, 2013 Leaders Retreat