Since joining the Presbytery, assisting in the design of the new website and the new logo with Slamdot has been one of my main focuses and it has been a lot of fun to watch it all come to life. One of the main goals of this new website is to make everything easily accessible for all of you; documents, directories, the calendar and more.

On the home page you will always find upcoming events highlighted so that you don’t have to navigate to the calendar all of the time. On the homepage there are also four “buttons” for churches and church professionals that are in need of specific documents and guidance through things like searching for a new pastor, elder training and the sabbatical policy. There is a forms and documents page with popular documents frequently needed by members of the Presbytery including a new digital check request form as well as digital grant applications.

Our hope is that making things more accessible, like digitizing forms and making the website easier to navigate we are also making your life easier. Your time is valuable and no one wants to spend their valuable time searching for something they need.

We hope you enjoy the new website! Oh and we have a new blog portion of the website… that’s where this is posted! And you can have access to the new PET logos anytime you need them on the forms and documents page! Let us know if you have any questions or seem to have trouble finding something or figuring something out.

Jaclyn Beeler
Presbytery Administrator