This is an alphabetical listing of various forms and publications available for your use.

Please Note: Our Pulpit Supply list is on the password protected page of this website.  Click HERE to go to that page - contact the Presbytery Office if you need assistance.


Computer Grant Application

Loan Committee Application

New Worshiping Community Application and Timeline

Youth Council Application


Clerks of Session

2018 Annual Compensation Report - PDF version (for pastors and DCEs) (due February 23, 2018)

2018 Annual Compensation Report - Word version

Checklist - Church Register

Checklist - Session Minutes

Checklist for Clerk of Session

Guide to Parliamentary Procedure

Instructions for completing the Online Session Annual Statistical Report for 2017 (due Feb. 15, 2018):

(complete online at



Manual for Clerks of Session

Necrology Report form for 2017 - PDF (due January 19, 2018)

Necrology Report for 2017 - Word

Climate & energy stewardship team

Carbon Footprint Fund Materials:

Grant application: online or download

Minute for Mission and bulletin announcement


Tri-fold Brochure

Commissioned Ruling Elder Program

Commissioned Ruling Elder Program Pastor's Statement

Commissioned Ruling Elder Program Application

Committee on Ministry

2018 Annual Report Form - PDF (for ministers who are at-large members or in validated ministries) - Due March 5, 2018

2018 Annual Report Form - Word

2018 Compensation Report - PDF (for ministers serving churches) - Due March 5, 2018

2018 Compensation Report - Word

2017 DCE Salary Guidelines

2018 Required Minimum Salary & Benefits Schedule for Ministers
       -  2018 Standard Mileage Rates

Committee on Ministry Handbook - approved by PET 8/19/17

CRE Covenant Form

Commission Minutes Form - CRE

Commission Minutes Form - Minister


Interim Pastor Covenant Form

On Calling A Pastor


Seeking to Be Faithful Together: Guidelines for Presbyterians During Times of Disagreement


Temporary Supply Covenant

Terms of Call Form


Committee on Preparation for Ministry

CPM 2015 Handbook

Committee/Team Resources

Check Request Form

Guidelines for meetings

2018 Presbytery Meeting Dates & Packet Report Deadlines

Sample minutes

Manual of the Presbytery of East Tennessee

Approved 2017-08-19

Pocket Edition of Manual - ready to print in booklet form

Kindle version of Manual


Committee on Nominations Form

Order Forms

A group order for the 2018-19 Presbyterian Planning Calendar will be collected in April, 2018 for delivery in May.  Please contact Presbyterian Distribution Service to place individual orders for other resources, like the Book of Order (800-524-2612)

Presbyterian Women of the Presbytery

The PWP directory is located on a password protected page under Directories.

PWP Spring 2018 newsletter

PWP Spring Gathering Registration

PET Office

Guidelines for Conducting Meetings, including a format for Minutes and a Check Request form