Policies Mandated by the Book of Order

The PCUSA Book of Order mandates that ALL COUNCILS – meaning every church session, presbytery, synod, and the General Assembly – SHALL adopt and implement the following policies:
  • A sexual misconduct policy
  • A harassment policy
  • A child and youth protection policy
  • An antiracism policy

The policies shall state that ALL Session Members, Pastors, and Educators of each church are REQUIRED to attend Boundary Training at least once every 3 years. This Boundary Training shall include:

  • Sexual Misconduct Prevention
  • Child Sexual Abuse Prevention

The Presbytery of East Tennessee provides online Boundary Training for Session Members, Pastors, and Educators in a 3-year cycle. These are normally offered at the beginning of each calendar year.

  • Year A: Sexual Misconduct Prevention
  • Year B: Harassment Prevention
  • Year C: Child Sexual Abuse Prevention

Writing Policies for Your Church

When writing any policy for your church’s safety, the FIRST step is to call or go online to your insurance carrier. All major insurance companies who write church coverage have a library of information about policies and prevention.

Sexual Misconduct and Harassment Prevention 

PraesidiumAcademy.com, the Insurance Board’s online training used by our presbytery and many more, as well as other denominational judicatories, contains a library of training materials and handbooks for the prevention of sexual misconduct. Start there. All current pastors and educators should have login credentials because of our presbytery’s required annual training; however, contact the Stated Clerk of the presbytery if you need login help.

The Presbytery of East Tennessee’s Sexual Misconduct Policy can be downloaded at the Forms and Policies page of our website: https://www.presbyteryeasttn.org/forms-and-documents/.


A sample template for a Church Sexual Misconduct Policy which includes provisions for harassment can be downloaded here.

Child Safety

The Presbytery’s insurance carrier, Brotherhood Mutual, has an excellent booklet about Child Safety, including policies and procedures. Download the document by clicking here. Guide One has a policy template at its website. Download the Guide One document by clicking here. 


The Committee On the Office of the General Assembly (COGA) of the PCUSA created a document providing guidelines for antiracism. Download the COGA Antiracism Statement here.

Resources for Antiracism work can be found in this PCUSA document