“Presbyters are not simply to reflect the will of the people, but rather to seek together to find and represent the will of Christ.”

– Book of Order F-3.0204

Meeting Resources 

Recommend Someone For Service

The Presbytery organizes its life and work through committees and councils. If you are interested in serving, or know of someone who would be, let us know.

Coordinating Committee

The Coordinating Committee is tasked with envisioning the future ministry and mission of the Presbytery. It oversees the work of the Presbytery’s committees and nominates members of the Nominating Committee. The committees is authorized to take action as needed between meetings of Presbytery subject to approval at the next Presbytery meeting. They are responsible for the development of the Presbytery Manual for final approval.

Committee On Ministry

The Committee on Ministry has the authority of the Presbytery to find in order calls issued by churches, to approve and present calls for services of ministers, to approve the examination of ministers transferring from other presbyteries, to dissolve the pastoral relationship in cases where the congregation and pastor concur, to grant permission to labor within or outside the bounds of the Presbytery, and to dismiss ministers to other presbyteries, with the provision that all such actions shall be reported to the next stated meeting of the Presbytery. They also appoint moderators of the session for churches without an installed pastor.

Committee On Preparation For Ministry

The Committee on Preparation for Ministry has oversight of all inquirers and candidates under the care of the presbytery. It makes recommendations to the presbytery concerning the reception and care of inquirers and candidates. The Committee maintains communication with all inquirers and candidates throughout the year. It meets at least annually with each inquirer and candidate to learn more about their progress towards becoming an ordained minister of the PC(USA).

Congregational Development

The Congregational Development Committee leads the process of planting new worshiping communities in the presbytery by evaluating potential projects through review of written proposals, and assessing potential evangelists/planters. The CDC also helps congregations in need of renewal and transformation by evaluating the setting and plans through review of written proposals.

Congregational Relations

The Congregational Relations Committee maintains a network of personal relationships between congregations through a system of personal visits with each congregation of the Presbytery and to engage Sessions and Pastors in constructive, supportive dialogues on behalf of the Presbytery.

Equip Ministry

The Equip Ministry Committee provides for formational ministries of faith development within the Presbytery, while promoting shared resources and collegiality among professional and volunteer leaders. Equip creates ministries and events for youth, young adults, and children.


The Finance Committee oversees presbytery funds, manages the presbytery’s investments, conducts budget negotiations and develops an annual budget for approval by the presbytery. It recommends church giving (formerly, Per Capita), assures completion of an annual audit, reviews the work of the presbytery staff and any other work related to its area of responsibility.


The Nominating Committee works to find and nominate the ministers and ruling elders to fill the committees of the Presbytery, and to nominate commissioners to the Synod and General Assembly.

Outdoor Ministry

The Outdoor Ministry Committee maintains and operates John Knox Center for Outdoor Christian Education for the churches of the Presbytery of East Tennessee. They are responsible for the summer camping program, facilities for retreats and conferences, and leadership support for all areas of Outdoor Ministry approved and directed by the Presbytery.


The Personnel Committee reviews and evaluates the work and job descriptions of presbytery staff and employees, recommending changes for staff to presbytery, and changes for employees. It oversees the hiring of support staff and reviews office operations with the General Presbyter. It counsels with the staff, negotiates difficulties related to jobs and personnel and other work related to its area of responsibility. It is responsible for the Personnel Manual of the presbytery.

Property & Loan

The Property and Loan Committee oversees the maintenance of presbytery property, verifies real estate records, and reviews the adequacy of insurance on presbytery property. It reviews requests to borrow money or to buy, sell or lease real estate owned by congregations/groups/ministries in accordance with the Book of Order. is responsible for managing the Church Construction Fund, reviewing loan applications from churches and making recommendations to the presbytery.

Serve Committee

The Serve Committee evaluates the Presbytery’s mission funding priorities and advocate for their support through wise stewardship. They are responsible for developing a systematic process for listing and advertising of available mission opportunities, working to build mission partnerships among congregations and seeking opportunities to enact Presbytery-wide commitment to evangelism, peacemaking and social justice, and disaster response. Groups and sub-committees affiliated with Serve include the Racial Justice Task Force, the Climate & Energy Stewardship Team, the Disaster Response Team, the Hunger Committee, the Peacemaking Committee, the Living Waters for the World Committee, and Presbyterian Women of the Presbytery.