141st Stated meeting
tuesday, november 12, 2019

Maryville college
502 e. lamar alexander parkway, maryville, tn 37804

Registration begins at 9:30am. The meeting begins at 10:00am.

The meeting packet will be available here on October 29, 2019.

Lunch will be served at the Maryville College dining hall. $10, paid at meeting registration desk.


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A short guide to Parliamentary Procedure in Presbytery Meetings, by James McTyre

The Presbytery

The presbytery is responsible for the government of the church throughout its district, and for assisting and supporting the witness of congregations to the sovereign activity of God in the world, so that all congregations become communities of faith, hope, love, and witness. As it leads and guides the witness of its congregations, the presbytery shall keep before it the marks of the Church (F-1.0302), the notes by which Presbyterian and Reformed communities have identified themselves through history (F-1.0303) and the six Great Ends of the Church (F-1.0304) (G-3.0301).

Who Attends Presbytery Meetings?

The presbytery is the council serving as a corporate expression of the church within a certain district and is composed of all the congregations and ministers of the Word and Sacrament within that district. The presbytery shall adopt and communicate to the sessions a plan for determining how many ruling elders each session should elect as commissioners to presbytery, with a goal of numerical parity of ministers of the Word and Sacrament and ruling elders. (G-3.0301).

How Many Elders?

The Presbytery's formula for determining how many elder commissioners attend from each congregation is based on the size of the congregation.

  • Membership of 1001 to 1500 members = 3 commissioners.

  • Membership of 201 to 1000 members = 2 commissioners.

  • Membership of 1 to 201 members = 1 commissioner.

Additionally, elders serving on the Coordinating Committee not serving as church commissioners, Commissioned Lay Pastors, and a representative from the Presbyterian Women of the Presbytery all are given voice and vote at each meeting.

Who can vote?

All elder commissioners, those additional elders noted above, and all minister members of the Presbytery have privilege of voice and vote. Ministers serving within the Presbytery, but whose membership is in a different presbytery are recognized as Corresponding Members and have privilege of voice, but not vote.



Minutes from 1985 to Present are stored online. Click the folder to be redirected to the files.

presbytery stated Meetings in 2019

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  • Tuesday, May 14 @ John Knox Center, Ten Mile

  • Saturday, Aug 17 @ First Presbyterian Church, Knoxville, co-hosted by First Presbyterian Church, Lenoir City

  • Tuesday, Nov 12 @ Maryville College