Youth Council

About Youth Council

Youth Council is a group of high school leaders, selected from churches throughout the presbytery. These student leaders develop leadership skills and experience through participating in planning meetings and being peer leaders for both the Middle School Retreat and the High School Youth Summit. Any high school student who is active in their church and /or youth ministry is eligible to apply to serve on Youth Council. Each application requires two references: Someone from the church who can speak to the student’s involvement and one personal reference, who can speak to the youth’s character and the mutual benefit serving on Youth Council would have for the presbytery and the youth. The Presbytery of East Tennessee Youth Committee is striving to have a broad representation in the Youth Council this year, when it comes to individual church representation. If you wish to represent your church on Youth Council, fill out the online application and follow up with your references to make sure they turn in their part. Links to the application, as well as to the reference forms, are listed below. Applications are due no later than June 15th, with selections announced in the days followings.

“Being a member of the PET Youth Council has allowed me to develop my faith through numerous songs, countless energizers, and the best small groups. It is a truly unique experience I would encourage others to seek out and be a part of.”

— Ayak Cinkoc, Class of 2019

“Youth council has been an oasis in the desert of high school struggles. High school has had its ups and downs but I knew I could always count on Youth Council to lift my spirits to the heavens”

— Luke Lampley, Class of 2020

Qualities of a Strong Applicant

(*required for consideration)

  1. Active in your own church’s youth group.*
  2. Active in the life of your own church, beyond just youth programs.
  3. Can commit to attending all dates outlined in the commitments.*
  4. Works well with others, including communicating with peers.
  5. Able to learn and implement skills taught during training.
  6. Mature


  1.  Commit to learn and grow as a leader among your peers.
  2.  Attend and lead, at both the Middle School Retreat (September 23-25th, 2022) and High School Youth Summit (February 17th-20th, 2023).
  3.  Attend Youth Council Planning Retreats (August 19th-20th, 2022, and January 27th-28th, 2023)

By making these commitments, you are saying Youth Council will be a priority for you. Though we will always give grace and consideration to sudden circumstances, Youth Council Members are expected to attend all events and retreats. Continued absences from retreats will result in a conversation with Youth Council leadership about expectations moving forward.

There are a few social events just for Youth Council as well. These include a Christmas Party in December 2022 and an End of Year Camp Out in May 2023. Attendance for these events is not required, but greatly encouraged.