The Presbytery of East Tennessee

is a regional governing Council of the Presbyterian Church (USA).

The presbytery is responsible for the government of the church throughout its district, and for assisting and supporting the witness of congregations to the sovereign activity of God in the world, so that all congregations become communities of faith, hope, love, and witness. - From G.0301 of The Book of Order.


supporting ministries and church professionals


Sixty-three churches make up the Presbytery, covering the region from Knoxville to Chattanooga, to Fairfield Glade, to Huntsville (TN). 

church leaders

Elders provide critical leadership for ministries throughout the Presbytery. We provide training, listening, and care for those who help discern God's direction for group ministries, whether in a church or other worshiping community.

ministry professionals

If you're a Minister, Commissioned Lay Pastor, Educator, or Program Staff, we want your ministry to thrive. Whether preparing for ministry, starting or ending a ministry, or looking for resources for ministry, the Presbytery has a wealth of wisdom and care.


governing and serving together


Presbyterians strive to do things "decently and in order." We have a Book of Order, a Book of Confessions, and a Presbytery Manual of Operations to guide us as we work together. We have Policies to help us remember our corporate decisions.

meetings and minutes

Presbytery meetings are attended by elder commissioners from each church and by minister members of the Presbytery. We gather quarterly to make decisions on behalf of our shared ministries.

presbytery leadership

We have an abundance of committees and an agile staff through which we accomplish the ministries of the Presbytery together. Find out about their connectional ministries.


Providing Space for innovative ministry

john knox center

John Knox Center for camp and conference, offers retreats and events, Summer Camp, and programs for adults, youth, children, church groups, and schools.

Campus Ministries

The Presbytery actively supports ministries to students in both public and private colleges. 


The Presbytery’s Youth Ministries provide connections between churches and youth, such as, Youth Council, Retreats, and Triennium.


Whether teaching new members, a Session, or leading lessons on the Presbyterian Church (USA), there's a wide assortment of online help.


Connecting Presbyterians as one


We have a mobile Presbytery office.
Our staff can be reached by phone, email, and text.


When's that meeting? Where's that Event?
What's happening around the Presbytery?


Directories, Classifieds,
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